Renewable Heat Now Campaign Celebrates Rejection of the Williams NESE Pipeline

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Today, the Department of Environmental Conservation issued a final judgement denying the application for the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline. The proposed pipeline would have brought more fracked gas (methane) into downstate New York for heating and cooking. The permit denial is the third for the controversial pipeline in three years, and marks another decisive step toward a 100% renewable energy system. By rejecting the pipeline — which tens of thousands of New Yorkers opposed through comments and demonstrations — New York clears the way for renewable heating solutions. 

The Renewable Heat Now campaign congratulates our allies in the Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition who worked tirelessly and courageously against fierce utility lobbying and misinformation campaigns to win this decision. We thank Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation for listening to the people of New York who came out in droves against this pipeline and joined in our call for Heat Pumps, Not Pipelines. We call on National Grid, which worked hand in hand with Williams Corporation to push for this pipeline, to accept the will of New Yorkers and to recognize that the era of gas is coming to an end in New York. 

Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition and Renewable Heat Now hold a “Heat Pumps, Not Pipelines” rally outside Governor Cuomo’s office on the eve of the 2019 decision to deny the Williams pipeline permit. Photo credit: Erik McGregor

With the Williams pipeline off the table, the Governor’s Public Service Commission now faces a key decision next month on how to meet new demand for heat in downstate New York. National Grid has proposed six other ways to bring more gas into New York, as well as one “no infrastructure” option for meeting downstate demand through heat pumps, energy efficiency, and demand response. We urge the Governor and the Public Service Commission to reject all gas solutions and to choose the “no infrastructure” option to move New York toward renewable heat now.  

Read the Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition press release here