Letters to the Editor

A simple way to get politicians’ attention is to write a letter to the editor of your local paper.


Letters to the Editor are usually 150- 250 words long – about the size of a personal Facebook post. Politicians still read these regularly to get a sense of what’s important to their electorate. Take a few minutes and write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper, or the Albany Times Union. To do this, look up the website of your newspaper – they all have instructions on word limits and where to send your letters. Tell people why you are interested in renewable heating and cooling, add an interesting fact or two, and mention the campaign!

Some suggested points to use:

  • New York State deserves praise for being a national leader with its new policy framework for renewable heating and cooling and $15 million in customer rebates for geothermal systems. Thank you Governor Cuomo!
  • Rebates for heat pumps should be targeted to homes currently using oil and propane; homes in areas of the state that do not currently have natural gas infrastructure, thereby eliminating the rationale for more gas infrastructure; and homes receiving state heating assistance. The end result is lower costs for the residents AND taxpayers, and avoiding any need for more polluting fossil fuel infrastructure.
  • New cold-climate improvements in air source heat pumps make them a viable choice for heating and cooling homes in New York.
  • We need rebates like these to help the renewable heating and cooling industries grow, making the technologies more available and driving down the costs for all.