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Letters to the Editor are usually 150- 250 words long – about the size of a personal Facebook post. Politicians still read these regularly to get a sense of what’s important to their electorate. Tell people why you are interested in renewable heating and cooling, add an interesting fact or two, and mention the campaign!

Alliance for a Green Economy has developed talking points on New York's proposed policy framework for renewable heating and cooling.

More info on ground source and cold climate air source heat pumps can be found on our Resources page.

On February 7, 2017, Governor Cuomo announced a $15 million rebate program for geothermal heat pumps and a policy framework to support renewable heating and cooling in New York. Alliance for a Green Economy and many others submitted official comments. Stay tuned for updates!

Sample Letter

Please feel free to draw inspiration from this letter but please make your letter your own. This was published in the Syracuse Post-Standard in March, and newspapers prefer unique LTEs.

To the Editor:

Last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a new policy framework for renewable heating and cooling and a $15 million rebate program for geothermal heat pumps in New York state. These proactive steps towards freeing New Yorkers from dependence on fossil fuels for our heating and cooling deserve praise, but could go further. It's time for New York to end fossil fuel infrastructure expansion by using state rebates and incentives to help low‑income households and those who use fuel oil and propane transition to lower cost, climate‑friendly heating technologies.

On‑site fuel combustion in buildings is responsible for about one‑third of our state greenhouse gas emissions. Much of these emissions come from heating our homes and businesses. If we are going to meet our climate goals, we must support a rapid transition away from fuel oil and gas used for heating, in favor of geothermal and cold climate air‑source heat pumps. These technologies are efficient and "renewable‑ready," meaning that they plug into the electricity grid and can be powered by 100 percent renewable energy. They are far more efficient than baseboard electric, and they reduce annual energy costs.

Renewable Heat Now is a new campaign of grassroots groups and businesses supporting this transition to renewable heating and cooling. More information and ways to take action can be found at www.RenewableHeatNow.org.

Andra Leimanis

Alliance for a Green Economy



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